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Fully Vaccinated! (J&J)

Katrina is a multi hyphenate (actor-singer-dramaturg).

Forever Young, Katrina has been doing theatre since she was little and plans to keep doing it until the day she dies.  She attended LIU Post where she received a BFA in Acting (2021).  She is a skilled performer and enjoys bringing truth to characters. Her greatest strength as an actor is spontaneity. At LIU she received extensive Shakespeare, among other trainings. 

She first began dramaturgy at LIU Post.  She has worked on both historical research and new works projects.  As a dramaturg, Katrina advocates for the playwright's intentions with the work.  She looks at the larger picture of the entire production while also paying attention to the teeny tiny details the make up the production. Collaboration is the name of the game. Katrina provides information, feedback, suggestions, and encouragement to the artists in the room.  

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